A Century in Review was published in 1959 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Elk Point, South Dakota. All text and illustrations are taken from A Century in Review.


We thankfully dedicate this brief history to the memory of the Pioneers who, in the face of trials and hardships, made this community the good place it is today.


As you review the achievements and past events recorded in this book, You will realize that our founder, Eli B. Wixson, and all those brave pioneers who followed him truly left us a goodly heritage.

We must build today on the granite of the past. The same qualities of faith, resourcefulness, tolerance, and courage possessed by the early pioneers are required of us today. This Centennial Edition, we hope, will stimulate a deeper sense of appreciation for the past and a pride in the future development of our town and this community.

Because space would not allow, we limited the pioneer section to those who settled here before 1900. It was not our intention to minimize what those who came later did to develop and influence this community. You, too, have made a great contribution and helped make our town the progressive and friendly place it is today.

Our goal has been to make the information assembled in this book authentic, accurate and as complete as time and space would allow.

We, the Book Committee, are deeply indebted to all those who furnished pictures and other valuable material. It was impossible to contact each one personally, so we relied upon the Leader Courier to get the notices to you. To those who spent many hours writing biographies, doing research far topics of general interest, and compiling data on the many organizations, we express our sincere thanks.

Book Committee
Mrs. John Kalstad, Chairman
Miss Kathryn M. French
Miss Marian Ryan
Mrs. Martin Grnnvolrl

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Sponsor Pages

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Elk Point Attorneys
Candidates for Elk Point's Centenial Belle
Miscellaneous Sponsors
Busker Implement
Elk Point Chamber of Commerce
Miscellaneous Sponsors
National Council Oak
Curry Hybrids
Elk Point Grain Company
Miscellaneous Sponsors
Farmer's Mutual Tornado-Cyclone Insurance Co.
Miscellaneous Sponsors
Elk Point Fire Department
Miscellaneous Sponsors
Miscellaneous Sponsors
Miscellaneous Sponsors
Homestake Mining Company
Iowa Public Service Company
Isaak Clinic
Union County Officials
Miscellaneous Sponsors
Peterson Drug Store
Pioneer Drug Store
Union County Electric Cooperative
Renfro Variery Store
Ringsrud Merchantile Company
Standard Oil
Miscellaneous Sponsors
Terrace Park Dairy
VFW - American Legion
Farmer's Elevator Company
Miscellaneous Sponsors

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