Husky Creative Corner


All EPJ high school artists are encouraged to submit their works to the Husky Creative Corner, an online exhibition of prose, poetry, art,
photography, film, and music. All submissions must be original works of the artist submitted by the artist. Submissions will be reviewed
by a panel of experts. For more information on submissions, contact Ms. Limoges, Ms. Jones, or Mrs. Hawley.

Student Work
Rachyl Hernandez

Justin Broekemeier:
I wrote children’s books at a young age. My mother, uncle, and great-grandmother all enjoy writing; it is something they enjoy doing just like me. Listening to music is when I gain the most inspiration to write down my thoughts. In my story, the main character runs away for his life, being chased by demons. He finds an odd, young priest. Can he trust this priest? Every person is the key to their own future.

One Bad Fortune Cookie


Rachyl Hernandez

Rachyl Hernandez:
I write many poems and stories, but I’d rather write poems. I write poems that are filled with love and romance. I try to put advice in my poems so maybe readers will try what I advise. Every time I write a poem, I try to put my senses into it. I try to make my poems more realistic to the reader’s eyes, mind, and also their heart. I usually use a rhyme scheme, but for this one it’s a mix of non-rhyming and rhyming. In my poem “Romance,” I try to give advice about making sure that you know what you want in true love and try your hardest not to be scared of telling that one special person how you feel.


Alex Lawler

Alex Lawler:
I usually just write what I'm feeling. I think that the best way to write something is when you're experiencing a really strong emotion. Whether good or bad, the result is usually very interesting. My favorite poet/writer that influenced me is Edgar Allan Poe. I like to write because when I do, anything can happen. When you write, you can create and change anything.

Ever/Changing World / The Wicked Path of Destiny / Weak


Patty Miller

Patty Miller:
Poetry, to me, is beautiful. It expresses the poet in ways only they will understand. All of my poetry has a logical meaning and a meaning that few understand. I have written poetry for as long as I can remember because it has always helped me in ways that I can’t describe. I write poetry because it helps me express my thoughts. I constantly have ideas running throughout my mind, and they naturally form in the way I write poetry. Sometimes the ideas rhyme, and other times they don’t. My poetry is random. Sometimes, at first, it seems as though it has no real subject. Over time, though, the subject begins to form. Then as the subject forms, a story of ideas is made. I believe everyone should try poetry because you never know if it is a waste of time or an amazing deal if you never try.

As I lie upon this earth / Down the Road / Free

Alejandra Perez:
I don’t have a reason why I write; if I get an idea, I just start writing. Even if my grammar is not correct, I still enjoy writing. To make sure that my grammar is good, or if I want to know if I have a good story idea, I give what I have written to my sisters. Writing is not only a hobby, it is also a passion, and one day I would like to be published.
Untitled Poetry

I create art to rid myself of stress and worries. I create it to show people they can find beauty anywhere and in the smallest of things. I show them they can find beauty in where they never looked and noticed before. I don’t really have a process; if I see something I like, I just take a picture of it. If I want to create memories, I would do the same thing. The artist movement created in my pictures is abstract; in some of my pictures, I move the camera so that I can have my viewers really think about what is really in the picture. I use movement and color, because movement creates abstract images and color really makes the images pop out at you. (Click the thumbnail below for a larger view of the artwork.)

Bailey Weavill

Bailey Weavill:
I like creating art because it is a way to let go of all the stress and confusion in my head. When I pick up the pencil or the paint brush and get out the paint, everything else in the world seems to fade in the distance. I get my apron on and get out the acrylic paint and the charcoals. I do whatever my mind wants in the moment. I can’t plan ahead of time what I want to paint or draw, and that is why if I get a creative idea, I hope I am near paint or a pencil. I like to paint with acrylic paint. I draw with a lot of materials such as regular pencils, charcoal pencils, and chalk. Making art and creating artwork is a way to express myself, and then when I have finished the artwork, I can look at it and say I accomplished something for the day.
(Click the thumbnail below for a larger view of the artwork.)

Staff Examples
Mrs. Hawley

Mrs. Hawley:
My poetry is often a reflection on my everyday experiences. The poems I have selected here are both attempts to describe how my morning walking routine feels. Walking for me is not just a healthy choice; it lifts my spirits and makes me feel whole. The first poem is written in free verse, while the second poem is a Haibun, also known as a prose poem, which begins with concise imagery in prose form and ends in a traditional 5-7-5 haiku.

Every Summer Morning / First Thing Monday Morning: A Haibun


Ms. Jones

Ms. Jones:
A majority of my work is based upon the style, Emotionalism. This style specifically focuses on reading emotion in paintings. As an artist, I want my viewers to achieve an emotion when looking at my artwork, and not to just observe my work and think it would look nice in their living room. As my college senior show approached, I chose my content for a series I was about to embark. This series was more or less about natural selection, and how each person is born with a set of qualities which cannot be changed, it is simply who we are. These images are some of the paintings and drawings from my show. The pieces are mostly created using oil on canvas, graphite pencil and illustration board. These paintings can be interpreted in many ways, but will mostly evoke a specific emotion from the viewer.
(Click the thumbnail below for a larger view of the artwork.)

Ms. Limoges

Ms. Limoges:
I feel indebted to Shakespeare, for my love of sonnets stems from my first encounter of his work. My poem is to meant to make you feel as if you were seeing yourself at a younger age; perhaps, when you were caught up in what society told you was acceptable and how you failed to fit the mold. My sonnet is a journey that takes time to understand and courage to pursue. I am in no way forcing a younger me to break “the mold,” I am simply telling a tale that takes a lifetime to realize. My poem is a classic sonnet with 14 lines, ending in a couplet. I follow a rhyme scheme of abab cdcd efef gg.